Have you ever opened a Google webpage only to see the message

This might seem concerning but it isn’t necessarily anything you’ve done wrong.

Google has a policy against “automated queries” which is software accessing their search results, pageranks, etc. to gather information. In search engine optimization you use tools which do this on a daily basis to keep track of how all of our client’s websites are ranking.

When too many queries happen too quickly from one IP address, Google will block that IP address from accessing it in order to protect it’s data.

IP addresses are shared by multiple people and will change so if you’ve received this message it’s entirely possible that someone else close to you was sending automated queries which triggered the warning. If you wait a while Google will eventually lift the ban and give you access to their websites again.

If you received this message and weren’t running any software which could have triggered it then it’s not a bad idea to run a virus scan since it’s possible that a virus on your computer could be sending automated inquiries. It’s far more likely someone else on your same IP address is though.

If you’re an online marketer who relies on software to make automated queries to Google in order to find keywords, ranking reports, etc. then I’d recommend a proxy service which routes all of your internet doings through another IP address elsewhere.

15 Responses to “Your Computer or Network May Be Sending Automated Queries – What does it mean?”

  1. Duftopia says:

    I was running netobject Fusion 11 with a built in google search which when I used operated EXCELLENTLY, it was very professional and I loved it so much I dropped all the other searchs on my site.

    6 +/- months afterward it crashed and Google simply HAS no resolution for the Issues and they DON’T respond to there E-Mail, They have no Phone number, There forum generates no helps and its been over a year that I try to place the search into teh website but it immediatly fails!, NOW 2 YEARS and counting on issues with MY Youtube account also no help, SO PLEASE be real – when in trouble with google DON’T expect help unless by some unbeleavable chance a forum person feels sorry for you, GOOGLE HAS NO SUPPORT, they juct phase out teh shiney toys they make and make more shiney lets waist time COOL toys to keep the chipmunks occupied.

    At Least that has been my experience thusfar.

    • Sorry to hear that. It’s true, in the past unless you reached the upper echelons it was hard to get anyone at Google to help. I’ve found that they seem to be changing that so it may be worth reaching out again.

  2. Now I am going away to do my breakfast, then come back again to read more!

  3. Jermaine Lawson says:

    We’re sorry… … but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now. See Google Help for more information.

  4. Unfortunately, Automated queries are against Google Webmaster Terms of Service, which is why they block IPs that constantly query the results. The reason for this is that CTR and pageviews resulting from search have an impact upon SERPs- so in reality, there’s the issue of manipulating search results. Google’s TOS requires webmasters to use webmaster tools to get ranking results for keywords and their own keyword research tools for keyword research purposes.
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  5. Google’s Chrome and Safari work fine and no message appears in google. What can I do? I’d like to use Firefox…

    Thanks for your help!

    • These messages are from Google and should be independent of the browser you use.

      There’s a chance that you browser is caching the old warning page so it may display correctly if you clear your cache.

      Hope it helps!

  6. I am doing captcha entry and i face this message constantly that is “sorry, your Computer or Network May Be Sending Automated Queries” How to avoid and continue working. kindly revert with solution.

  7. It’s a tough policy to swallow, but I accept it. Back in the earlier days of Google, before there were so many online marketers abusing the system, it didn’t cause network issues by having a small percent of people running search queries. Now it seems that everyone wants to make money online and the industry is flooded. Google had to put a stop to automated queries, likely because it was costing them a lot of bandwidth and money.

  8. I’ve encountered this problem too but it was gone. I did nothing. I hope not to see that message again. Anyway, thank you for sharing this to us. Keep posting for more. Great work!

  9. I am still confused as to what the intent of the policy

  10. v. interesting post and something that adds a lot to the debate…IP address tracking is somewhat prohibited by some networks, ie they are more set up like proxy server…i think that is how these oline marketing software operate anyway..but interesting to see how they manage the interaction with Google search…

  11. This was happening to me and I found out it was caused by a Chrome add in called SEO Quake. I disabled it but it keeps activating itself, so I guess I will need to remove it.

    Funny thing is that Chrome is a Google browser and they allow SEO-Q to market itself on their website. Weird Me thinks. Google is no longer the do no harm guy, IMO.

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