If you’re looking for how to block someone from viewing your personal Facebook profile page then please click here.
If you’re looking for how to ban someone from a Facebook business page then you’ve come to the right place.

Facebook fan pages can be a great place to both bring together current customers, and attract new ones to your business or cause. Unfortunately sometimes, even if it’s for reasons beyond your control, you end up with unhappy customers. These unhappy customers can sometimes be very vocal about their displeasure and your Facebook fan page becomes an easy place for them to voice their issues.

Thankfully Facebook has given fan page admins the ability to delete posts from disgruntled “fans” and permanently ban them. Do this by:

  • Login to your facebook account which is an admin for the fan page
  • Go to your fan page
  • Hover over the post made by the disgruntled person
  • a little earth in a grey box will pop up in the top right corner of the post.
  • Click this box and a drop down menu will show with the option to delete post
  • A box will pop up looking like the one below, click on delete and ban user & you’re good to go!

One thing about banning users which seems strange to me, and which might be changed in the future is the fact that banned people can still “Like” your fan page. This makes it easy for them to get updates on your page which will automatically post to their news feed, and then share them adding their own angry comments to their wall. While none of your existing users will see this, the friends of this person will and this can be damaging when trying to acquire new customers in the future.

It’s not a big problem, but in my opinion when you ban someone from your page, they should be banned from having any posted association with the page.