Google Pagerank Update on Jan. 25 2013?

On Jan. 25th I saw an update of some toolbar pageranks which reverted back on Jan. 28th. The changes seen were on 2 sites which I follow closely. Unfortunately I can’t tell how widespread the changes were since PR is no longer indicative of quality so I don’t actively track it across many sites.

The last update was Nov. 8th 2012 so the timing seems to fit but it’s strange that I haven’t heard ANY chatter about it. Typically with a pr update however you end up with people complaining about it in all of the forums and the absence of that has got me wondering how limited this change was.

I’ve never heard of a toolbar PR update reverting back a few days later so could this be an update which google let slip accidentally and then caught a couple days later?

Two examples of changes I saw were:

  • Pre-25th was PR4 | Jan 25-27 it was PR5 | Jan 28 PR4 again
  • Pre-25th was PR3 | Jan 25-27 it was PR4 | Jan 28 PR3 again
  • Did anyone else see any changes in PR across their sites or have you heard of a temporary lift in PR?
    Any ideas are more than welcome :)

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    1. Suraj Ramnani ( from surajramnani) says:

      Im not sure if the PR Updates have started from 25th many websites are suggesting dates between Jan 28th-Feb 6th dont know how far thats true..thanks for the info though :)
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    2. Yes, I have seen these changes. went down from PR 6 to PR 5.
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    3. Narender Chopra from SEO Tips says:

      Yes that true. There was Page Rank update between 25-28 January. One of my blog got PR 3 but next day it got PR 0 again. Don’t know what it was but yes their were some signals.
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    4. indeed there was fluctuation in pr but that was just a refresh. google’s upgrade will complete in the coming days.
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    5. Yes you guys are right… Even I have seen change in my got PR-2 and then suddenly revert back. I think they are testing some update of PR and finally they will realease it… Thanks.

    6. can anyone confirm pr update on own site? i have 3 blogs and their pr remained the same, actually have been unchanged for more than a year. weird.
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    7. I didn’t also hear any news that Google will update the PR on that day though it is very weird to see that changes in PR in some websites then revert back again. I will visit the blog of Matt Cutts to see if he has any announcement regarding that issue.

    8. Yes I have seen some changes but for good. My wordpress blog was PR 0 and went to PR 1. This PR never revert back to its previous PR. I just add quality content and that’s all. c
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    9. Herschel X. Norman says:

      People’s sites are going both up and down, but it is important to remember that the toolbar is “not an accurate indicator of how Google ranks or values a site,” as Loren Baker notes at Search Engine Journal. Though it is still a factor.

    10. Some of the default settings in the updated toolbar are BS. Plus it added several new things to the right-click menu when on webpages or even within form elements. I haven’t figured out how to remove them yet.

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