Mark Zuckerberg has just announced a new pillar of Facebook “Graph Search”. He stressed that this new tool is not web search but instead it allows people to search through the Facebook network to find information that’s relevant for them.

Whether you’re looking for “my friends in Toronto” or a restaurant there that your friends may recommend, Graph search is the answer for you. You can even go so far as (an example by Zuckerberg states) search for things such as “My friends who live in palo alto, california and like game of thrones”.

Graph search updates in real-time similar to Google searches and also includes an auto-fill function.

The graph search system was created by Tom Stocky and Lars Rasmussen.

This news conference has a lot of talk about how privacy is of utmost importance to Facebook and it currently takes up 10% of the computing power at Facebook to manage privacy. Mark says this is amount is likely to increase with the introduction of Graph Search.

Graph search seems to pull in a lot of information and extends your visibility to things such as videos or page posts which your friends have liked. You can also use it as a tool to find people who you don’t know that many details about like their name. You can search based on mutual friends or other information.

One feature which I really like about Graph Search is that it allows you to use natural language to perform the searches so you won’t need to learn a whole bunch of special operators to use the function.

This seems like a great feature for Facebook to add. I would guess that they’ll have some privacy issues to contend with (especiallly in Europe) however I’m also sure they’ve done their homework so hopefully everything goes smoothly.

What do you think of Graph Search. Is it a hit?